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Detroit and Washington

March 17, 2009

The Senate was dead wrong in turning down the American auto companies. Now senators get their spines back? And for what? To seal the coffin for American icons GM, Ford and Chrysler? Way to go.

The financial system needed help. And the car companies do, too. This whining about rewarding bad choices, calls to let them fail and citing polls is a joke. Most of them — i.e. congressmen and senators — have made bad choices, haven’t exactly been succeeding lately and polls say people think they’re a failure but that hasn’t led to their resignations. And most of them are rich so it’s easy to “take a stand” on something that what hurt them much anyway. Too bad they can’t be so principled when it comes to the right to life!

mmusa is no big fan of Michigan or Granholm, but she was right on in calling the Senate vote unAmerican:

But where does it stop? is the cry. Right here. No other industry in America is so pervasive. After this, let it go. If the financial markets can function smoothly and the car companies have been helped, then it’s up to management and workers to get things going again. But if the car companies are hung out to dry, everybody loses, except for those in Washington.